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finally getting those books off the table!

1. Choose five ten lots of your all time favorite books.
2. Take the first sentence of the first chapter and make a list in your journal.
3. Don't reveal the author or the title of the book.
4. Now everyone try and guess.

(i'm leaving out intros and doing the first sentence of the closest thing to chapter one that these books have.)

1) It was dusk-- winter dusk.

2) Imagine a ruin so strange it must never have happened.

Isn't that an address!"
anne of windy poplar by l. m. montgomery, guessed by kaleidoscope & lilydandelion

4) I used to have a cat, an old fighting tom, who would jump through the open window by my bed in the middle of the night and land on my chest.

5) There was once a man; he had learned as a child that beautiful tale of how God tried Abraham, how he withstood the test, kept his faith and for the second time received a son against every expectation. fear and trembling by kierkegaard guessed by butchlybear

6) The house in the hollow was "a mile from anywhere"--so Maywood people said.

7) >From the moment we take our first breath (and sometimes even before that, what with sonic imaging technology), the cry "It's a boy" or "It's a girl" ushers us into this world. my gender workbook by kate bornstein, guessed by eekhoorn

8) When she was born her mother was so young, still a girl herself, didn't know what to do with her. the rose and the beast by francesca lia block, guessed by um_coeur

9) Griffin Moss
It's good to get in touch with you at last.
</strike> griffin and sabine by nick bantock, guessed by citrine

10) The first thing I always tell my students about oracles and tarot decks is: Don't read the book.

11) After a great deal of time examining oceans, investigating rainstorms, and staring very hard at several drinking fountains, the scientists of the world developed a theory regarding how water is distributed around our planet, which they have named "the water cycle."

12) Dear Theresa,
I'm lying on my bed tonight missing you, my eyes all swollen, hot tears running down my face.
Stone Butch Blues by leslie feinberg, guessed by butchlybear

13) Once upon a time.

14) Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. so long and thanks for all the fish by douglas adams guessed by ephemeraltoast

15) It's 9:01 in the morning.

16) I am going to begin a new kind of diary. the selected journals of l m montgomery, v. 1 guessed by um_coeur
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8) The Rose and The Beast
16) The Selected Journals of... (*RUNS TO CHECK* D: ) L.M. Montgomery

Isn't that an address!"

has to be one of the Anne books! Doesn't it? Um um um um when does she actually get it together with Gilbert? eeeh. It's the one where she's in the tower and she writes him all the letters. House of Windy Poplars?
I googled it and I was right!
good lord. 14 = Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. which I reread in march not even knowing the movie was coming out.
it's actually not the first book.

i wasn't really aware about the movie either, when i watched the tv show at my last apartment. but lots of people are so excited about the movie and so this icon exists.
oh, then it must be so long and thanks for all the fish.
you got it!
#12 - Stone Butch Blues - Leslie Feinberg.

#5 Fear and Trembling - Soren Kierkegard.

#14 sounds like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
although i see now that i'm wrong about Hitchhiker's Guide.
hurray! i'm glad someone got the two that you got (i see the next comment about hhg, so won't go into that. heh.). i was nervous about fear and trembling, because putting it here seems so damn pretentious... but i figured it was still kind of easy, since the key figures in the book are all laid out in the first sentence... so if people had read it they'd probably figure it out. *nods* that sounds snooty too. i'm just excited. yay!
#7 = My Gender Workbook by Kate B.? or maybe something else that we read in Performing Gender.
you got it!
9 is Griffin and Sabine but is that the full title?
And could the Once upon a time one be The Princess Bride?
that one's wrong, though.
there's a subtitle, but for all intents and purposes you got it.

Deleted comment

nope, it's just those two. the rest are different. i totally didn't know that until this happened. sorry for the confusion.
#3 is Anne of Windy Poplars, by LM Montgomery.