the little brown bear read out of his new book. (anotheryourself) wrote,
the little brown bear read out of his new book.

i should be saying so many things. but i don't know how. i'm confused and upset, but that's never all that new. it's easy when i'm talking about myself, but when it's about other places, far far away, even when i know one of the people involved and just want to do the exact right thing to heal that person's heart... i don't know what to say.

but, the wonderful sophy has this compiled list of all sorts of things about katrina and what can be done and what people have said, and yeah... i was wishing i had the resources to make a list like this, but it's already in existence, here. there are surrounding entries with important stuff in them too. (well, of course, everything she says is important, but this... is... specific?)
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Sprkid and Anotheyourself
  • Might conceive some robot children.
  • Wish to hold hands.
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who's this anotheyourself?
it's me. and another me. with our robot children.
i hope you are well and writing lots somewhere.

i miss your posts.
Are you okay? You haven't posted in a couple months, which in LJ is practically a whole ice age. :(
i am okay. i've found a different place to post. which has been hard. to kind of just sneak over there. it feels terribly rude, because i love you all, but i really needed a completely new start, you know? but thank you for checking in. i appreciate it a lot! a lot a lot a lot. <3 take care!!!