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Dear Claudia,
Wow! What a weekend in New York! It's been so much fun, and it's only Saturday! I wish you could have been here, but I'm sure you would have been surprised about lots of things. I'll have lots of stories to tell you when I get back to Stoneybrook, but I just can't hold back the story about what happened yesterday!
I got here and immediately went to visit Laine. Well, first I told Dad exactly where I was going and grabbed a sugarfree snack, since I'm diabetic, and then I went to Laine's. I know you don't like her a lot, but we were going to go shopping!
She was wearing this absolutely New York outfit. It was so stylish. And she'd just gotten a new perm! She was wearing this grey blazer with the sleeves rolled up, and under that was this pink prom dress! I was amazed! And she looked so old!
But the big thing is, she had this new friend over. His (I think he's a he. I asked Laine and she said right now he's going by he. I wonder if he's gone by other things before!) name is Rickie, and oh my Lord, he's so pretty! Even prettier than that one girl, you know, the one who's going to be in the new Cam Geary movie? Yeah, that pretty. And, Claud, he wears eyeliner! I didn't know boys could do that, did you? I mean, I can maybe see Alan Gray wearing eyeliner but he'd also have tissue or socks stuffed in his brassiere and he'd be making some sort of joke.
Anyway, Rickie was going to come shopping with us. At first I was sad because I wanted to spend time with Laine, but Rickie turned out to be really sweet. Also, he's so interesting! For one thing, he's gay. Well, bisexual. Can you believe it? I mean, can you believe he is? I also can't believe I used those words. I don't think any of us BSCers have ever talked about sex! Kissing and cute boys, but we've always been too shy to talk about sex. And Mary Anne even has a boyfriend, even though she's so shy!
First we went to FAO Schwarz. Rickie made jokes I didn't understand about the giant pencils, but I laughed anyway. Remember the giant pencils!? They are so big and long and thick! It's amazing! I told Rickie that and he laughed some more. I wanted him to think I was cool, so I laughed too.
By the time we left the store we were all holding hands. I couldn't believe it! Rickie was in the middle, of course. He had soft hands.
Anyway, then we went to Bloomingdale's, of course! It's only my favorite store in the whole wide world! We tried on lots of clothes. Rickie found this great shirt in the juniors department with us. And, Claudia, he had me try on a pair of boy's pants! He said they might make my butt look nice! I can't believe he was looking at my butt! And he talked about it too! I didn't get the pants, but it was fun to try them on.
Anyway, then we went out to eat. We ate at this really exotic Asian restaurant. Claud, you would not believe how exotic it was!
That's when things got really interesting, because then Rickie really started talking! He's dating a boy and he told us all about him. Can you even imagine boys kissing!? Wow! I love New York! It's so great.
Rickie's boyfriend is named Peter. Rickie's 15, but Peter's 13, like us. Can you imagine dating a 15 year old? At one point Rickie said that Peter can be really young, but then Laine and I looked at him. "Well," he said, "boys mature slower than girls! You know that!" We laughed, because boy, do we! I mean, Alan Gray! Yuck! Can you imagine dating Alan Gray!?
Anyway, so he told us all about Peter. One thing he said was so cool. He said that Peter is so beautiful it hurts to look at him. Wow. I can't think of anyone that cute! Can you? Rickie's pretty beautiful, though. I guess it sort of hurts to look at him.
He also said that Peter's really cocky. Well, 13 year old boys tend to be snobby. But then Rickie sighed and said, "Oh, but he really is the most wonderful boy!" Then, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Do you think that's okay, Claudia?
They apparently have really great adventures together. I guess Peter has a lot of other friends and they all go and hang out on this island. Rickie says they hardly wear any clothes, but that some of them wear bear ears and skunk tails. Do you think that's something all gay boys do?
He also said that Peter makes him fly. Do you think that means they do drugs? I mean, this is New York! My parents would never let me do drugs, but it's probably because my father's a workaholic and because I have diabetes.
Anyway, Rickie was great, and I can't believe I actually met a real life gay boy. I mean, bisexual. It's just hard to say because the word sex is in it. I guess I could say bi.
That's a joke because I guess I could say bye now, too!
Yours truly,
Anastasia McGill
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